Why it’s important to embrace your local fruit shop…

And pick the best seasonal fruit & veggies

Stop and think about this… the last time you went and bought your fruit & vege from the supermarket….how long did it really last in your fridge before you had to throw half of it out! It just doesn’t last… I hear you saying … why is that?!

I’ve been a fruiter for 20 years and I have seen the industry change a lot. One of the big changes is seeing large supermarkets buying large quantities of fruit and vege and storing it in their cold rooms for months…even a year! I’m sure you know this can be standard for our apples… but not other fresh products.

So what happens they keep this product in temperature controlled environments well past their expiry date. And then, it gets put on the shop floor and then you take it home in non-regulated temperature. What happens next is the product breaks down, sometimes only last a couple of hours!

Now, I get you buy for convenience, but you are not getting any value considering you waste half of your product. When you shop at a fruit shop, you are getting a dedicated person who lovingly goes to the market EVERY DAY and sells you the product at the shop directly on the shelves… You also get to chat to me about what’s in season, why a particular variety is better than another… you are not talking to a 16 year old who is just there to ‘do their shift!’