Why You Need to be Discerning When it Comes to Buying Hampers

5 December 2017

This is bug bear of mine! Every Christmas I see hampers being delivered and sometimes we even receive them as gifts, I look at them… and quite frankly they are SH*T.

Why? Because half the stuff is outdated or nearly about to expire, the other stuff are products that obviously they couldn’t sell so they shoved it in your basket or has been stored all year round to put in the hamper ready for Christmas. It really grosses me out.

I have been making and delivering Christmas hampers for over 20 years and the reason why we do a good trade is we are a retail shop – and I basically get the same items you would if were buying from us directly and I put in the hamper…

I know you are thinking… that doesn’t sound revolutionary. But, have a look at our shelves…




And this basically what I choose from to make the hamper.


If you visit the store, you can grab a basket and build your own…

To me this so important when building Christmas hampers – that the products are actually something that the person you are giving to will actually use and want. The last thing you want is to have items from a hamper stored in your pantry collecting dust… (look in your pantry, I’m sure there are items there!!).

So, please be a bit more discerning when it comes to the season of Christmas hampers and chose wisely.