5 Reasons Why You Should Shop Local

5 June 2018

At Superior Fruit Graceville, we are part of the Your Local Fruit Shop network.  We truly believe the only way to shop for your fruit and veg is locally!


Our friends over at Your Local Fruit Shop have put together this great list of 5 Benefits of Shopping Local which we’d like to share with you. You can read the full article here http://www.yourlocalfruitshop.com.au/5-benefits-of-shopping-local/



1. Fresh Seasonal Produce

Fresh, seasonal produce comes with a range of health benefits. Firstly the nutritional value of fresh produce is always higher in seasonal fruit and vegetables, since they are grown in optimal conditions and are picked at peak time in the growth cycle. Furthermore, seasonal produce provides your body with what it actually needs during that time of year. Winter produce contains the necessary vitamins and minerals to survive cold weather and sickness that comes with it. Whilst summer produce contains nutrients that hydrates your body and alkalise your systems.


2. Better For The Environment

Shopping at local fruit stores means most of what you’re buying is locally grown. This results in fewer emissions from long-haul transport, reduced packaging waste, fewer chemicals and less fuel consumption. All of this helps to improve our environmental footprint on the planet.


3. Support Your Local Community

By shopping locally you are supporting the local economy. The money you spend will go to local businesses whose revenue will be injected back into your community. Furthermore, by keeping local stores in business you are helping create jobs for local citizens. On top of this, many local stores are a communal hub for events and activities. Supporting your local ensures your community stays engaged and vibrant.


4. Better For Your Family’s Health

With less time spent travelling, local produce requires less chemical additives. Reduced travel time also means produce can be harvested closer to peak growth making them more nutritious. Produce travelling further is usually harvested early to avoid it ripening before hitting the shelves. There’s a lower chance of contamination during travel and often, local producers enforce much harsher regulations and standards. Local stores focus on seasonal vegetables which are more nutrient dense due to being grown in prime conditions.


5. Affordability

Seasonal produce means fruit and veg can be sold at a lower price due to high supply levels. Furthermore, local stores are at liberty to offer discounts of their choice to regular customers. A greater number of local stores drives up the competition which results in cheaper produce as individual owners try to draw customers into their respective stores.