At Superior Fruit we have over 200 varieties from Australia and around the world. That is a lot of cheese!!

Our cheese cabinet is always stocked with a delicious range of cheese for your next platter.

We have experts on site ready to build a platter especially for you. Click here to order now!


Are you more of a creative type who likes to build your own? Read on for some hot tips from our resident cheesemongers…





Learn from the experts at Superior fruit…

How to design the perfect cheese platter your guests will love

The first step – choose your cheese! At Superior Fruit we have over 200 varieties from Australia and around the world. Pretty cool, but this can make the first step overwhelming! So let’s break it down for you so you can choose cheeses you love and your guests will be gushing over.

A good rule of thumb is to average about 80 – 100g of cheese per person split across a variety of cheeses of course! To create the variety, you can choose cheeses by the texture and by the milk type.

Texture in cheese is soft, aged, firm and blue.

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Aged: aged cheddar, gouda, Swiss Soft: brie, camembert, Persian feta Firm: gruyere, jarlsberg, provolone Blue: stilton, gorgonzola

Milk type in cheese is goat, sheep, cow or blend.

By selecting cheese from different categories you are guaranteeing an interesting platter and something for your guests to talk about.

When you come in store you can use our cheese finder sheet or download here and we can email it to you.

If you really want to wow them, we have created a guide on how to build the perfect cheese platter, which explains the varieties that work well together, what to serve with your cheese and how to arrange your platter beautifully.

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