Superior Fruit

Our family feeding your family since 1988

1950's - From Greece With Love

From a small farming village in the middle of the Peloponnese in Greece, Chris’s family migrated to Australia in 1953 and shortly after acquired a banana farm in Murwillumbah in northern NSW from 1956-1970.

1980's - Sowing the Seed

In 1986 the founders, Chris & Wendy entered the leafy western Brisbane suburb of Graceville purchasing “Graceville Fruit” and renaming it to Chris’s Superior Fruit.  They brought all of their expertise in fruit & vegetables to this shop to create a landmark business.

1990's - Bearing Fruit

The first of its kind, Superior Fruit diversified with a commercial kitchen, called Wendy’s Kitchen. At first, Wendy’s Kitchen was operating from the storeroom of the fruit shop with a conventional oven, making authentic homestyle meals, salads and dips.  With help of family and friends, Wendy grew the kitchen into the full blown commercial set up that customers know today.  Keeping in line with tradition nothing in the kitchen is processed or factory run.

2000's - Spring Has Sprung

Sons, Peter and Tass upheld family tradition and both worked full-time in the shop and just like their parents strove for excellence and growth.  Both had a hand in introducing new lines and concepts to Superior Fruit and believe education is the key.  Both Peter and Tass are very passionate about food!

Today - The Fruit Doesn't Fall Far

Today at Superior Fruit, the experience has evolved with the introduction of a merchant liquor licence, e-commerce site and café licence.  30 years on from its humble beginnings, it is exciting to now see the 3rd generation of Maniatis’ rugrats “working” in the shop and playing “out the back”.

Superior Fruit over the years has had many family members join in for the ride, grandparents, uncles, aunties, cousins and friends.  The shop has been a place of work experience for many locals in the area and not only that, it can boast being one of the few shops where generations of family have shopped – grandmother, mother, daughter and now granddaughter.


Superior Fruit hold friends and family in high regard and this is how they see their customers. The shop is seen as central to the community and the lifeblood of Graceville.


The Maniatis Family along with the whole team behind Superior Fruit encourage you to come in and explore, let the products inspire you to head home and create!