No Cash or Avocados Kept on Premises Overnight…

15 November 2017

When I posted this sign about Avocados up on our Facebook page… I did not expect it to viral… its been on the news, copied by others around the country, I’ve been interviewed and gone on radio.

Yep, these green delights are pretty pricey and how much you buy them for definitely fluctuates.

Did you know avocados are seasonal? Yup – we get them all year around thanks to our friends in NZ, Mexico, California, India, Sri-Lanka, South America just to name a few.

At Superior Fruit we supply Hass (my favourite) – this variety is meaty and creamy. There are Shepherd avocados with a claim to not brown. Reed variety – these ones are kinda round shaped.

Every time the news says the price of avocados has gone up it’s usually because they’re having a seasonal shortage. Fruit is like the stock-market in a sense, you are buying fruit based on scarcity and desirability.

Avocados are a big part of Australian life, so they are precious to us…

I get the best grade possible so you can buy the fruit, and you will never worry about it going off within a day (unless you bought it very ripe!). I personally have grabbed my avocados and popped them in the fridge for a week and when I have come to use it, it’s perfect.

This is my one passion. I am big on sourcing the best. And yes, they are stored under lock and key…