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Superior Fruit

Deli Hamper Boxes

Deli Hamper Boxes

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Do you want to give a gift that will be appreciated and enjoyed instead of discarded to the back of the pantry? We hand select the best items from our fully stocked shelves to ensure all products are well thought out and will be appreciated and used!  Each box will be different and unique based on what our sourcing team have discovered!

There are three choices:

Classic holds 5 - 6 items

Superior holds 10 - 11 items

Superior+ holds 12 - 15 items

All boxes are wrapped in cellophane and ribbon. 

What items are in the boxes?  Our team curate from the following options:

    • Pasta
    • Pasta Sauce
    • Olive Oil
    • Vinegar
    • Exclusive Products, like condiments, chocolates, something special 
    • Nougats or unique confectionary item
    • Speciality crisps and chips 
    • Crackers

We basically chose items you can't get at those corporatised large supermarkets or those gift companies that store items in dusty store-rooms 😆

We also can replace the box with baskets we have in store - we have lots of varieties to choose from to make the hampers look beautiful. 

Please note: The hamper photos shown are indicative only. The size of the hamper will depend on your selection and included items may vary depending on the season or what we have in stock. Rest assured that even though the selection may be different than what is shown, it will always be the freshest and very best we have!

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