Superior Fruit’s Conscious Buy Program

18 February 2020



Australia’s farmers, growers and producers are facing some of the toughest times they have ever seen. With recent drought, fire, storm and flood conditions, entire regions have been severely affected. This means they are either directly impacted, or indirectly impacted. Even though some of these farms or producers are still operational, they have had their supply routes cut and are unable to get their produce out to the world. Entire regions have been crippled by the ongoing repercussions of these disasters and it is having an unprecedented effect on the Australian produce industry.

Superior Fruit proudly supports local farmers, growers and producers and will continue to support these same suppliers during their tough times. While many larger supermarkets will change to offshore suppliers, or worse, extort local farmers for a cheaper price, Superior Fruit is different. We always have been and always will be committed to buying the quality, local produce our customers have come to know and love. We are committed to continue to support these growers and makers even when their prices go up so we can bring you the best.

So you can help us help our farmers, we are introducing our “Conscious Buy” products. We will be placing a special sticker onto products that have come from disaster affected regions. Each time you choose one of these products, you are directly supporting these suppliers. If you are looking for an everyday way to give back to your rural Aussie brothers and sisters, shop our “Conscious Buy” range to show your support in helping get these farmers back on their feet.

Look out for these stickers in store!