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Have you got weekend kids sports coming up? Did they put you in charge of arranging half game refreshments for the team? Well, good news! We can sort that out for you.

Nothing is more refreshing after playing sport than fruit and double bonus is that it’s healthy and all natural (none of that nasty artificial flavouring / sugars) only the real deal!

If you’re in a hurry and need your delicious order in less than 24 hours – we can help you! Call us on 07 3379 7508 to chat about what you need.


Kids Sport Fruit Trays are available in one size: and includes 2.8kg watermelon cut in wedges and 1.5kg navel oranges cut into segments.

  • Regular (suits approx. 10 kids)

All of Superior Fruit’s platters, baskets and hampers are available for delivery within 20km of the store, or can be picked up from us at 365 Honour Ave, Graceville. If you are have any special requirements or are located outside of this range, contact us on 07 3379 7508 and we’ll be happy to chat through options.