Brisbane Supports Strawberry Growers

27 September 2018

In the wake of the Strawberry tampering fiasco that ripped a hole through the hearts of Strawberry growers throughout Queensland and beyond, something magic happened.  Local community organisations combined with the power of the general Queensland public meant that almost overnight an event was organised to ‘give back’ to the Strawberry grower community.


There’s nothing more than a Brissy local loves than an Ekka strawberry sundae. So by the power of the people, it became a reality and for the first ever time a pop-up strawberry sundae event was created in King George Square on Wednesday 26 September 2018. The first time outside of Ekka these delicacies have ever been available.


Superior Fruit and Peter Maniatis have been continuously supporting local growers and providing the best quality produce at fair prices to continue to supply our community and support our growers throughout the whole ‘scandal’. It was a natural choice for ABC Brisbane to invite Peter Maniatis to guest host their live broadcast from King George Square alongside Kat Feeney.


Below are some snaps of the action on the day.